Tyger River Correctional Institution

200 Prison Road
Enoree, SC 29335-9308
(803) 896-3501, 896-3601
(864) 583-6056

Opened: Upper Yard -1980, Lower Yard 1983
Security: Level 2 (Male)
Education: Literacy, GED preparation and high school courses.
Vocational Training: Carpentry, brick masonry, heating and air conditioning, auto body, and auto mechanics.
Industries: Private sector industries program manufactures hardwood flooring.
Health Care: Routine medical and dental care provided on site with 24-hour emergency care available
Programs: Religious services, volunteer services, recreational services, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Self Paced in Class Education Program (SPICE)
Community Services: Provides a correctional officer-supervised litter crew who picks up trash along interstate highways. Participates in Adopt a School program providing labor for renovations to local high school. Provides an Operation Behind Bars program for at risk youth and adults to tour the prison and hear inmates describe what led to their criminal behavior and life inside prison. 

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