SCDC Inmates Phone Calls

All incoming inmate mail must be clearly marked with the inmate’s legal name, SCDC number, living unit, full name of the institution, street address, city, state, and zip code with a complete return address in the upper left-hand corner. However, every effort is made to deliver all mail received at every institution.The State of South Carolina has selected Global Tel*Link Corporation as their SCDC Inmate Telephone System service provider for the South Carolina Department of Corrections. 

GTL was selected over its competitors for its industry-leading inmate calling system and communications solutions to provide services to both SCDC inmates and their families. Rate StructureCalls to anywhere in the US will be billed at a single flat rate for 15 minutes, 
with a discount applied for pre-paid calls:

  • Collect call of up to 15 minutes:   $1.53
  • Pre-Paid call of up to 15 minutes:   $1.29


  • Inmates admitted to SCDC are given a Personal Identification Number (PIN) within one week of their admission to South Carolina Department of Corrections, in order to enable them to place calls as allowed by the institutional schedule.