SCDC Inmate Search: He Just Wore Contacts

If you’re looking for the best way to do offender search, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly advise you to keep reading about SCDC inmate and offender search …My friend Melanie has always been a great parent. She called me that early Saturday morning with big news: she met her daughter Willow’s first boyfriend!

I thought we were going to celebrate this huge event, but Melanie wasn’t about to party. Instead, she was upset.
After meeting the boyfriend (Sam) last night at a family dinner, Mel was convinced he was a shady character: “He was snooping around our house, using prison lingo, had strange tattoos, and wouldn’t really look me in the eye”.

During next week she pestered Willow to ask Sam if he was ever in jail. He said “no” and started pouting because his feelings were hurt.

So, Mel and I tried to find the info on or own.  We called a private investigator, but he was going to charge $250 plus expenses just to start.

Determined that Sam’s report was not going to make my friend go bankrupt, I continued searching…

Finally, I ran into a site where anyone can conduct a SCDC INMATE SEARCH online, and Find offenders and inmates sentenced, incarcerated, and released from South Carolina Department of Corrections. Report covered inmates and offenders in the state and federal prison systems, including Greenville, Drexel, and other locations.

Long story short, Sam turned out to be “clean”. As far as his snooping around Mel’s house, poor guy was in transition from wearing glasses to contacts, and just had not adjusted yet. His eyes were watering for a while, and made him embarrassed, so he was avoiding a direct eye contact until his vision had settled.

Mel was so relieved: she had to spend just a few bucks for the TDCJ inmate lookup report, and Willow was safe.