McCormick Correctional Institution

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Security: Level 3 (Male)
Education: Literacy and GED preparation, and other classes offered in conjunction with the McCormick School District Adult Continuing Education Program and Corrections Learning Network.
Industries: A modern production facility producing upholstered furniture, modular office systems, and powder painting for metal products. The Modular Furniture Plant is unique in that, not only does it deliver its goods, but also must install its modular systems. The primary focus on installations is customer service and satisfaction.
Health Care: Routine medical and dental care provided on site with 24-hour medical coverage.
Programs: Religious services, volunteer services, recreational services, Alcoholics Anonymous, alcohol and drug abuse education, and “Impact of Crime” classes.
Community Services: Provides an inmate labor crew to the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism who maintain the Hickory Knob State Park properties on a daily basis. Provides an “Operation Behind Bars” program for at risk youth and adults to tour the prison and hear inmates describe what led to their criminal behavior and life inside prison. scdc inmate search, scdc, scdc inmate, scdc inmate search by name, scdc inmate search sc, scdc inmate lookup, scdc mugshots, scdc incarcerated inmate search