Lower Savannah Pre-Release Center

361 Wire Road
Aiken, SC 29801
(803) 648-8865
Warden: John McCall

Security: Level 1-A (Male)
Special Mission: The Center provides an environment conducive to rehabilitation through work programming, pre-release programming/training, and other relevant programs as a means of reintegrating the offender into the community.
Education: Adult Education Program (GED) and WorkKeys certification provided by the Palmetto Unified School District (SCDC).
Health Care: Routine medical care provided on site by Trenton Correction Institution medical staff, with 24-hour emergency care available through local hospital.
Programs: Alcoholics Anonymous (Narcotics Anonymous), religious services, Vocational Rehabilitation services, volunteer services, and Certificate Program for On-the Job Training,Work Program: Job development, placement and financial responsibility.
Community Services: Provides inmate labor crews to the City of Aiken, Aiken County, the Aiken Housing Authority, the City of North Augusta and the City of Williston; provides a correctional officer-supervised litter crew who picks up litter along interstate highways.