Coastal Pre-Release Center

3765 Leeds Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 740-1630 or
(843) 740-1631
Warden: Mildred Hudson

Opened: 1970

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Security: Level 1-A (Male) and Level 1-B beds available. The facility has a designed capacity for 240 beds and is currently operating 187 beds: 127 for Level 1-A, which includes 48 beds for work program. 12 beds are dedicated to the Character Faith Based Program.
Special Mission: The Center provides an environment conducive to rehabilitation through work programming, pre-release programming/training, and other re-entry programs as a means of reintegrating the offender back into the community. 
Education: Corrections Learning Network, and Adult Education (GED & Work Keys) Program.
Health Care: Routine medical care provided on site one day each week by MacDougall Nursing staff with 24-hour emergency care available. Inmates are transported to MacDougall an additional day per week for doctor’s visit, medical exams, dental, x-rays, etc.
Programs: Vocational rehabilitation services, Alcohol and Narcotics Anonymous, and religious services, Prison Fellowship’s Character Faith Based & Re-entry Programs; Culinary Classes; and Parent Anonymous.
Community Services: Provides inmate labor crews to the Charleston County Department of Transportation, and the City of North Charleston; provides a correctional officer-supervised inmate litter crew who picks up trash along interstate highways and a Palmetto Pride Litter Crew who also picks up trash along interstate highways and major thorough fares.
Staffing: 28 authorized security positions, 17 non-security positions, and one contracted position. 

You can do a SCDC inmate search online at the South Carolina Department of Corrections website. You can view the photographs and public information on a specific inmate. You will need the first and last name of the inmate as well as either their SCDC ID or State Identification ID.