Broad River Correctional Institution

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Special Mission: This institution provides housing for selected special needs inmates and general population inmates. The special needs inmates are those who require 24-hour medical care, inmates requiring dialysis treatment and male inmates who are diagnosed HIV positive. The institution also houses inmates assigned to the Agency’s Sex Offender Treatment Program. The Capital Punishment facility is located here also and carries out South Carolina’s court ordered executions. It also provides facilities, security staff and support to host revocation and parole hearings for the South Carolina Departments of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services and Juvenile Justice. Additionally, the institution provides housing for inmates placed in the Short Term Offender Program (STOP). The STOP Unit is a fast track program addressing the needs of male offenders that have shorter sentences, one year or less. It provides practical and useful life skills training, education, vocational, rehabilitation, and employment assistance for offenders who may not have previously had access to intensive institutional programs, pre-release preparation or community resources.
Education: Literacy and GED preparation.
Health Care: Routine medical and dental care on site with 24-hour medical coverage.
Industries: Industries operates two (2) separate plants. Prison Industries (P1) I plant entails four work programs. The Tag Plant, which manufactures all vehicle license plates for the State. The Metal Shop produces metal chair and table frames for supply to other P1 programs. The Sign Shop manufactures signs, decals, name plates, etc., for State Agencies, counties, municipalities, and non-profit organizations, and the fourth work program involves renovating and repairing donated computers for the Department of Social Services for distribution to foster care homes.
The Prison Industries II plant operates as one of the Agency’s Prison Industry Enterprise (PIE) programs. The company is called RM Design and it produces hardwood flooring for distribution to various retail flooring manufacturers.
Programs: HIV/AIDS, Therapeutic Community, Residential Sex Offender Treatment Program, Religious and Volunteer programs, Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous, and Recreational services. 
Services: Serves as one of the video conferencing sites for parole hearings in conjunction with the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services. 

Read more at You can do a SCDC inmate search online at the South Carolina Department of Corrections website. You can view the photographs and public information on a specific inmate. You will need the first and last name of the inmate as well as either their SCDC ID or State Identification ID.
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